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ATTENTION: This message is urgent. NOW is the time for you to register for the State tournament on Saturday, February 24 and Sunday, the 25th. The coach has usually registered you for tournaments, but this one is up to YOU (and your parents). 

- If you do not register this weekend, the price goes up $10 (and will go up again). 
- Complete details are at the link below, but a few important notes
- Except for GIRLS (who can letter by going to the Girls Championship), this one is REQUIRED.
- Both days are required. 
- This is the only tournament that counts for ATKINS.
- We will have team shirts (many of you will get yours for free).
- Copy and paste the link below for complete information. 
- The January 13 Asheboro tournament is the last one before States that we will go to as a team -- so STRONGLY encouraged. 

NOW is the time to Register for the state tournament. The price will go up after this week; please do it now HERE:

Jan 06, 02:12 pm (6 months ago)