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Parents and Students:

If you're interested in this year's chess team at Atkins, please note the following.

The Atkins Chess team is an established, popular team which may have to limit participation. It is important to attend practices and lessons early and officially sign up << HERE >> to be considered.

Tournament players will get first consideration, but a "Club" level will be held early on in the year to encourage participation (especially under-represented groups -- such as girls).

Returning players are not guaranteed a letter this year without continuing to meet the requirements for study, attendance, and behavior.

For all players New to the Atkins group, a series of 10 lessons will be given on Tuesdays beginning on Sept. 11 in Room 103.

Lessons for returning players will begin on Thursdays in Room 168 on Sept. 11.

Hope to see you there. All players are welcome at this point on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

-- Sincerely,

Coach Plaster

Sep 07, 01:17 pm (13 days ago)